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Mecca Travel Tourism Guide

Mecca Overview

History of Mecca
Its very difficult to write a few lines about the history of the city. But the in order to have a Mecca Overview one must be aware of the fact that the ancient city was a major trading center and housed in it a holy shrine.

Geography of Mecca
The city of Mecca is located in the Makkah Province of Saudi Arabia in the legendary Hejaz region. The city has a population of about 1294167 people and is about seventy three miles away from the city of Jeddah. The tapered sandy valley of Abraham where the holiest situate of Islam is placed is revered in the whole world for its religiosity. The Red sea is just 50 miles from the city.

Mecca Map
A traveler can always go through the map of the city in order to have a Mecca Overview. It will become easier for the tourists to find out the important points of the city while being there.

Mecca Weather

Because of its geographical location the sandy Mecca experiences a very hot weather. Rainfall is very scanty and the amount of natural vegetation is near to nothing. Therefore lack of green foliage and extensive expanse of sand make the days extremely hot and dry. Nights are comparatively cooler. The

Mecca Tourism

As far as tourism is concerned the only time of the year when the city teems with tourists is during the Ramzaan months. Mecca is considered to be the most sacred site to the Muslims. Thus they like to spend the ramzaan month here in order to attain god's favor. The Haj also takes place during this time and the influx of tourists is in large scale. Apart from that the various festivals and events that takes place in Mecca also attracts a lot of tourists. The Holy Mosque, Mountain of Light and the Grand Mosque

Mecca Accommodation
There are plenty of accommodations where the travelers can relax and have a luxurious stay. Mecca Overview shows that Mecca has an accommodation suitable for all pockets. There are five star accommodations like the Le Meridien Makkah and Hilton Makkah along with budget hotels and inns where tourists of from the lower ring of the society can stay. You can know more about the city from Mecca Travel Guide.

Here are some of the beautiful pictures of Mecca Mosque:

Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Asia,, India, vacations, Travel Guide, HotelsMecca, Saudi Arabia, Asia,, India, vacations, Travel Guide, HotelsMecca, Saudi Arabia, Asia,, India, vacations, Travel Guide, HotelsMecca, Saudi Arabia, Asia,, India, vacations, Travel Guide, HotelsMecca, Saudi Arabia, Asia,, India, vacations, Travel Guide, Hotels

Geography of Mecca

There is nothing much to say about the Geography of Mecca. The city is located at an elevation of about 910 ft from the sea level. The Red sea is just 80 kilometers from the city. Jeddah is about 73 kilometers from Mecca. Actually the city is nestled amidst the valley of Abraham which is a completely sandy place.

The entire area of Mecca is especially a desert land. There is no vegetation except a few cactuses. The days of the city are very hot. But the climate is not that humid. In summers when the loo blows in the afternoon the inhabitants of the city prefer to be inside their respective residences.

The nights of Mecca are cooler because with the sundown the temperature also falls down. Geography of Mecca is nothing remarkable. There is the Hill of Arafat which lies parallel to the direction of the monsoon winds as a result of which the rainfall is very scanty.

The city of Mecca is in the Makkah province of the Hejaz region. There is no scope of much rainfall thus scarcity of water is a big problem. Winters are very cold, especially at nightfall.

The best aspect of the Geography of Mecca is that the city has very less undulation. There are no huge mountains in and around the city. There are no fountains or waterfalls here. The cactuses are the only plants found in Mecca.

As we know that the geography of the land affects its flora and fauna. Camels are the primary animals available in Mecca. Sometimes you may come across a few wild goats in the city.

Mecca's Geography is not much diverse. The travellers will not face any problem regarding the physical features of the land. Mecca is a wonderful place to be in though the number of sights of attraction is very few.

Sightseeing in Mecca

Mecca, the holy city of the Muslims that is the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad is located in the Sirat Mountains. With the discovery of oil the city saw a curious blend of modernity and tradition. The city that has been attracting visitors from all over the world has become a major tourist destination. See the exquisite sites, the colorful markets, the aromatic spices that speak highly of the grace and the charm of the land. Sightseeing in Mecca is a rewarding experience that most of the travelers love.

Sightseeing in Mecca includes the famous Holy Mosque (Masjid Al Haram) in Mecca. See the stupendous height of the flat roofed building that towers as high as fifty feet. The entire stretch of the Kaaba, the cubical structure, is draped in black silk called Kiswa that is cut and distributed every year. See the holy Hijr, the burial place of Hagar and Ishmel that lies on the northwestern wall of Kaaba. Another popular place considered apt for sightseeing in Mecca is the Hill of Arafat in Mecca that is simultaneously known as the 'Mountain of Mercy'. It is believed that it is this famous hill where Muhammad delivered his parting sermon to the Muslims. On the ninth day of the Dhu-al-Hijjah, the Hajj pilgrims spend that entire afternoon here. It is also supposed that Adam and Eve were united on this hill after they were forgiven by God.

Mecca Sightseeing includes the other popular sites of Mountain of Light (Jabal-al-noor) in Mecca, Jabal Al Sur, Ja'aronah and many others. The Jabal Al Noor is the mountain of light where Muhammad received the revelation of Quran from God through Gabriel. The mountain has a famous 'Heraa grotto' on the top. Other places where you can visit while you are willing to opt for sightseeing around the city are Tanem and Hudaibiyah. Also do not miss the remarkable places of Hajj in Mecca and Mina in Mecca that offer the tourists from all over the world the unique pleasure of sightseeing in this holy city .

Festivals and Events in Mecca

Mecca, the most holy city of the Muslims, has a number of festivals and events that are celebrated all round the year. Mecca is mainly known for 'Hajj' that every Muslim is expected to undertake at least once in his or her lifetime. It is mainly a pilgrimage held in the month of March that brings innumerable Muslim tourists from all across the globe. Though it is a matter of fact that the nom-Islamic people cannot strictly participate in the numerous festivals and events in Mecca it can categorically be stated that the festivals and events in Mecca are primarily religious ones. However these festivals and events in Mecca are celebrated with great pomp and mirth by the Muslim population.

Of the numerous festivals and events of Mecca, the most important of the Muslim festivals is Ramadan. Considered as a mandatory for the Islamic people, the Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar that is marked by prayer, fasting as well as charity. As the Muslims believe that it is blessed month when Allah revealed the first verses of the Quran it is an auspicious month for them. As fasting is one of the five duties that any Muslim should follow, most of the Muslims observe fast or 'sawm'. The festival ends with 'Eid-al-Fitr' when lights dazzle in the streets, people dress in their best and they visit their friends and relatives.

The 'Jinadriyah National Festival' is one of the most notable festivals in Mecca. It is an annual cultural festival that is organized by the National Guard under the supervision of the Crown Prince. This particular festival is identified as one of the primary occasions that truly uphold the true charm of the country. The two-week long festival that initiates with the traditional camel race exhibits a number of other performances that reflects the colorful and the bright aspects of the culture and the tradition of the land. In addition to these there are numerous other festivals and events in Mecca that are celebrated by the locals with great mirth.

How to Get in

Mecca, the holiest city of the Muslims is a small city located in the western part of Saudi Arabia. It is the most important city that receives pilgrims from all parts of the world. During the Hajj Pilgrim thousands of worshippers from all over the world thronged this city. As the prime destination of Saudi Arabia, Mecca can be easily accessible by all means of transport.

Mecca lies 45 kilometers east of the Red Sea port of Jeddah. So for getting there to Mecca Jeddah is the middle point for all visitors.

By air:
Mecca city does not have its own airport. Jeddah airport serves this city also.

By Sea:
Getting to Mecca by sea though a time consuming journey is one of the economical and most used ways for cities of port cities that lie in this region.

Things to Do in Mecca

You have to come to Mecca the holy city of the Muslims; this is the destination that you have been looking out for such a long time. The city of Mecca has many places that you must incorporate in the Things to Do in Mecca. Come be connected, and know more about the all Things to Do at Mecca

First thing in your Things to Do list in Mecca is to go for a visit to the cave where Muhammad and his dear friend took shelter from the people who sought them for killing. In the cave, they took refuge for a period of three days before going to Medina. As you come here, you can almost feel the great master.
The second thing that you can add up to your list of Things to Do in Mecca list is a visit to the Kiswa also known as the Drape of Kaabah. Come here to witness the beauty of the erstwhile Kiswa.

Then come to the Holy Haram that is in Mecca, a part of The Arab Peninsula. The Koran, the main religious book of the Muslims is all praise for Kaaba and Al Masjid Al Haram.
Koran has stated that the Kabba was the fist place to be built for the welfare of the Mankind. Whosoever entered into the premises will be under the security of the Almighty.

In Things to Do in Mecca, list look for a picture that you are bound to find in the Mount of Mercy in Arafah. As the Hajji season comes, the place remains flooded. Mecca has a curious mixture of spirituality to offer every man and women be it Muslims or Christians. Mecca is also said to be the place where Adam and Eve met after they have been ousted from Heaven.

What Where to Eat

Mecca in Saudi Arabia is probably the holiest place for the Muslims. When you visit this city you can witness the rich culture and tradition that the Middle East possesses. Conventions form the backbone of Islam. It is said that when in Rome do as Romans do. So you must try out the local cuisines in Mecca. All you have to know is What and Where to Eat in Mecca.

If you are wondering What and Where to Eat in Mecca, do not worry because there are a number of eating outlets in and around this city. Asian and Continental cuisines are widely available in this holy city. But amongst the traditional Arabian food the milk products are widely consumed. It is assumed that the Bedouins were largely dependent on their cattle for food and hence the popularity of these dishes. But a more practical reason is the hot and humid climate. Food items, such as, yoghurt keeps you cool.

The other local delicacies of Mecca include rice with spiced lamb, kebabs, 'kabsa', 'mufallaq', 'aysh abu laham', 'biryani' and many more. Sea foods are also available in Mecca. In case you are an ardent fish eater this place is just perfect for you. 'Hut sijan', 'samak hamur' or 'large hamur' are the local fish dishes. As desert pudding is commonly available. If you are unable to forget the fast foods, KFC and Pizza Hut are within your reach too. So if you know What and Where to Eat at Mecca, your stay will become more enjoyable.

There are a host of Restaurants in Mecca which serve Italian, American and Sea foods. The Bakers Table, Anita Aimone, Avillion Inc, Big Shoes Barbecue, Ambrosinis and so on. Since Mecca is a holy city alcohol is strictly prohibited here. So it is important for you to know What and Where to Eat in Mecca. But if alcohol is necessary for you then you can travel away from the city and quench your thirst. Ballyhoo, Archies Sports Bar, 6th Ave Dancers and others are just the right place for you.

Useful Information

Mecca is situated on the Sirat Mountains of Saudi Arabia at a distance of 45 miles from the Red Sea harbor Jeddah is the holiest place of Muslims. So it is necessary to have some useful information about Mecca

Generally tourist season in Mecca is during the time of Hajj. However the best time to visit Mecca weather wise, is between the month of October and May. Mecca is a city for the Muslims only. Non-Muslims are strictly prohibited from entering the city. There are other limitations also for non-Muslims.

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