Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yeast Infection After Sex - Why It Happens & What To Do

If you keep getting a yeast infection after sex you need to stop sex until you are completely cured. It’s the best way, because sex can transfer the infection to your partner, and once that happens, it can be transferred back and forth. You’re then in a vicious cycle of yeast infection - sex - yeast infection etc. A proper cure is then very hard to achieve.

A condom doesn’t always prevent these recurring yeast infections. Some spermicides can actually help trigger an infection, and, latex can cause allergies, resulting in inflammation that is ideal for infection.

Stopping sex altogether until the infection has been completely eliminated is definitely the best solution. But any treatment must address the root cause and underlying conditions, not just the symptoms of yeast infection.

A fungus called Candida Albicans is the cause of yeast infections. It resides in us naturally, but is kept under control by our body’s ‘good’ bacteria. But under certain conditions it can ‘overgrow’ resulting in a yeast infection.

The following are examples of the type of conditions that can act as a ‘trigger’; antibiotics, steroids, pregnancy, diabetes, contraception, poor diet, and lowered immune system, etc.

Drug-based topical creams and pessaries etc., can be effective in getting rid of yeast infection symptoms. However, that’s all they can do, they don’t address the root cause and underlying conditions. This is why many women (and men) get a yeast infection when they continue sex after apparently being ‘cured’.

The other option you have is to go for completely natural cures for yeast infection, without expensive drugs and their side effects.

And this is what more and more sufferers are doing around the world, by using a more holistic approach to a permanent cure. And many have reported remarkably fast, permanent results

Yeast infection and sex don’t mix. By that I mean that if one partner has an infection, regular sex can transfer the infection to the other. It can’t ’cause’ yeast infection, but it can ‘transfer’ it. Another reason why they don’t mix is that the symptoms can make sexual intercourse very uncomfortable, even painful. In some severe cases intercourse is impossible. Here, we’ll look at why this happens and what you can do about it.

The cause of yeast infection is a natural fungus called ‘Candida albicans’ which resides in most of us without any problems, due to the friendly bacteria in our bodies. And it absolutely loves the warm, moist, dark areas of our bodies, e.g. the genitalia, mouth, anus, etc.

But oftentimes it can ‘overgrow’ thus causing the symptoms like a red / inflamed vagina and vulva, thick white discharge, pain when urinating, and many more. Men with penile yeast infection have similar symptoms.

So you can see right away why sex with a yeast infection can be very painful and how one sexual partner with an infection can easily transfer it to the other. Unfortunately, condoms aren’t the answer since some spermicides actually encourage the Candida albicans to grow. All this hinders your cure. The only sure way to arrive at a fast, permanent cure is to stop sex altogether. Tough, but true.

Your normal drug-based topical remedies which you get through prescription or OTC can help to relieve the symptoms in 7 to 14 days, more in some cases. But they are just attacking the symptoms of the yeast infection, not the root cause. And because the Candida can build-up a resistance to the drugs, they can eventually become ineffective, leading to repeat yeast infections. Of course this means even longer without sex.

So what thousands of sufferers are doing is using completely natural treatments to cure their infection fast, so that they can get back to a normal sex life in the quickest possible time.

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